Our Research

The YELL Lab develops and evaluates tools and interventions that empower youth and young adults with developmental disabilities. Teams of youth and young adults with disabilities partner in all phases of the research process, from development, to data collection, to data analysis and interpretation. 

To support the development of best practices in rehabilitation and education, we conduct research in two interrelated areas: Community-based intervention and Outcome Assessment.

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Our community-based interventions strive to provide youth, young adults, and their families with the skills and knowledge to advocate for social and physical environments that support their participation in school, work, and the community.


Our outcome assessments provide youth, young adults, and their families with an opportunity to provide patient-reported outcomes for use in practice and research.

VocFit (Vocational Fit Assessment)

VocFit aims to provide a valid and reliable assessment of work skills for young people with intellectual disabilities. Moreover, it aims to match job market demands with the skills of the applicant, identifying areas for improvement.