YELL Gator Crew

“A group of people who work closely together”

Elijah Thomas

Elijah Thomas has work experience in the Alachua County Library and in Rural King, where he had worked checking books, greeting customers and directing them to different departments. He graduated from Eastside High School and since then has completed courses in job skills. He has attended some sports clubs such as Noah’s Endeavor and Top soccer Gainesville Alliance.  In this spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and watching sports.


Cyril Nonga-Mann recently graduated from the Project SAINT (Student Access and INclusion Together) at Santa Fe Community College. He is an active member of the Artist Entrepreneurship program and participates in the Best Buddies Program, UF Chapter. He was selected among the top ten Finalists in the “Alachua County Double Exposure Competition.”  He graduated from Gainesville High School (GHS), where he was the captain of the junior varsity lacrosse team and received the “Heart and Team Spirit” award. In his spare time, Cyril enjoys playing lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and tennis, watching sports, and traveling with family.

Bianka Camacho is currently studying at Santa Fe Community College and is part of the Project SAINT (Student Access and INclusion Together). She worked at Publix bagging and completed internships at the Grow Hub last year and at Share Wear this year at Santa Fe college. Bianka plays bowling, bocce, basketball, and softball at Special Olympics and also does fitness activities at Gainesville Health and Fitness. She is also part of Best Buddies and Young Life Capernaum. In her spare time, Bianka enjoys music, coloring, Disney and cruises.


Sienna Smillov graduated from Project Saint at Santa Fe College in 2023.  Since 2019, she has been working at The Village Nursing Home in Gainesville. She is working at dining services in a memory care unit.  Also, she takes continuous courses online as required by her employer.  She enjoys working with the elderly residents and feel she is making a positive difference in their lives.  Sienna likes working out, listening to music, going to the movies, and babysitting her nephews, John and Charles. She also enjoys traveling abroad with her parents, and the services at Greek Orthodox Church.  Sienna’s goal is to expand her knowledge and work skills.  She wants to keep helping the elderly and, hopefully, to learn to live independently.

Previous Team Members

Chrysa Brown-Doherty

Chrysa Brown-Doherty graduated from Santa Fe Community College and registered with the Disabilities Resource Center. She graduated from Buchholtz High School, after which she completed job trainings through Vocational Rehab. She had worked at TJMax, the Humane Society, Marshals and Habitat for Humanity Restore and currently working in-between on-the-job-trainings. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing stories and poetry, swimming, playing frisbee, skiing and snowboarding. She also loves to hang out with friends, but also having time for herself.