Undergraduate Volunteers

Macy DarkatshMacy headshot
Education: Third year Psychology major with a minor in Disability Sciences, Art History, and Visual Arts in Medicine. 
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Research: I’m interested in occupational therapy research, specifically pediatric! Helping children meet their developmental milestones, improving their quality of life, and creating inclusive environments. 
Personal: I love reading, painting, watching movies with friends, and getting boba or iced chai’s.
Favorite Movie: La La Land

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Leila King
Education: Second year majoring in Health Sciences on a pre-occupational therapy track with plans to pursue a minor in Sociology
Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Research: My interests lie within pediatric research, especially in regards to disability awareness, so that a more inclusionary environment can persist for all in society today. 
Personal: Dancing, going to the beach, Church, spending time with family, sunsets, and iced lattes
Favorite Movie: Little Women

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Annika Sinha
Education: Second year Health Science major on an occupational therapy track with a minor in Deaf and Hearing Sciences 
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Research: Along with my work in the YELL Lab, I am interested in learning how adaptive and inclusive environments can be fostered in different settings to promote equal access for all. 
Personal: I love to dance and am on a competitive dance team at UF called GatoRaas! I also love to read, spend time with my friends, and visit new places! 
Favorite Movie: Monsters, Inc.

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Ryley Grantham
Education: 4th year Health Science major on the occupational therapy track with a minor in disabilities in society and pursuing a public health minor 
Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL
Research: I am interested in discovering ways to further improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, specifically individuals with autism. 
Personal: Paddleboarding, spending time with friends, reality tv, and reading
Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice

Delaney Kasherheadshot
Education: Second year majoring in Health Sciences on the Pre-Occupational Therapy track pursuing a minor in Disabilities in Society and Deaf and Hearing Sciences
Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Research: I am interested in researching ways that society can break down physical barriers as well as stigmas to create a more inclusive world for everyone.
Personal: running, yoga, swimming, the beach, and coffee shops
Favorite Movie: A Star is Born

If you are interested in volunteering with the YELL lab, please email yell@phhp.ufl.edu and tschug@ufl.edu with a cover letter and resume. 


Previous Undergraduate Volunteers

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Savannah Townsend
Education: Third year majoring in Public Health with minors in Disabilities in Society and Health Promotion 
Hometown: Ocala, FL
Research: Currently, I am helping plan and doing research on Project TEAM as well as being the liaison between the YELL Lab and Special Olympics Florida. In the future, I hope to expand my education on intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Personal: Painting, listening to True Crime podcasts, and longboarding
Favorite Movie: The Martian

Nina Cinca
Education: 4th year majoring in Health Science on the pre-occupational therapy track currently pursuing OT graduate school
Hometown: Cocoa Beach, FL
Research: One area of research that I would be interested in pursuing in the future is the effect of music on one’s rehabilitation journey.  
Personal: Singing, hiking, spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, and playing pickleball
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Alexa Rodenfeld
Education: Third year majoring in Health Behavior with a specialization in community health promotion. Minoring in disabilities in society
Hometown: Stuart, Fl
Research: In the future would love to research children with intellectual disabilities in a social setting. 
Personal: Going on drives, listening to music, hanging out with friends and family
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing

Ariana Krieger
Education: Third year majoring in Health Science and minoring in health disparities on a pre-occupational therapy track. 
Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Research: Currently serving as the liaison between UF Special Olympics and the YELL lab. In the future hopes to get further involves in researching inclusion, accessibility, and accommodations for people with disabilities. 
Personal: Listening to music, exploring new places, appreciating animals
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future

Destiny Cruz
Education: Fourth Year majoring in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences. Minoring in non profit leadership and disabilities in society. 
Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Research: Interest lies in community based participatory research. Desires to create an inclusive atmosphere to resolve environmental barriers and equip families with skills they need. 
Personal: Reading motivational and faith based books, working out, playing lacrosse. 
Favorite Movie: Beyond the Lights

Emma Hawkins
Education: 4th year majoring in Health Science with a minor in disabilities in society on a pre-occupational therapy track. Plans on attending UF OTD in the Fall. 
Hometown: Sarasota, Fl
Research: Currently helping with data analysis of PEDI-CAT data and recruitment for the YELL lab. In the future hopes to help research trans-individuals in leadership roles. 
Personal: The beach, outdoors, sushi
Favorite Movie: Endless Love

Martha-Grace McLean
Education: 3rd year double majoring in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and statistics on a premedical track. 
Hometown: Maitland, Fl
Research: Currently helping with data entry and website design of the YELL lab as well as working in a a wet-lab at UF conducting mutation accumulation data on c. elegans. In the future plans to work on projects within health forecasting to aid in preventive medicine. 
Personal: Dancing, Travelling, Rollerblading, Reading
Favorite Movie: La La Land