Research Partnerships during Public Health Emergencies

Diverse group of people

The unit includes three modules:

  1. What is a public health emergency?
    This module provides an introduction to public health emergencies and why it is important for people with IDD to do partnership-based research during public
    health emergencies.
  2. Working remotely during a public health emergency.
    This module describes why it might be difficult to work together in person during public health emergencies. This module offers tips for setting up a remote workspace, and strategies for remote communication with your research team.
  3. Doing remote research during public health emergencies
    This module focuses on conducting research about public health emergencies, with special attention on how to collect and make sense of information when working on a remote research team.
    This accessible unit was designed in partnership with researchers with IDD. It includes practical tools and strategies to support research engagement for people with IDD during public health emergencies. Modules include photos and audio, video stories, and interactive exercises to support learning.

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