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  1. Home: Check Introduction
  2. How do I know if I’ve reached my goal?

The last base of the Game Plan is called Home: Check. During Home: Check, we ask the question, “Can I do the activity now?”


Each base of the Game Plan has a hand motion to help us remember what it means. When we ask “Can I do the activity now?,” we make this motion which represents making a check mark.


Another way to remember that the last base of the Game Plan is Home: Check, is by remembering the symbol. This symbol for Home: Check is a check mark.

Check (1)

Now it is time to ask yourself the question for Home: Check, “Can I do the activity now?”

How do I know if I’ve reached my goal?

You have been working toward your goal during Project TEAM and using the Game Plan to help you reach that goal. How do you feel when you reach a goal?

Some Project TEAM trainees have said that reading a goal can make them feel:

  • Happy,
  • Excited, or
  • Proud.

However, sometimes people do not reach their goals. If there are still barriers, or parts of the environment that make it hard, and you have not figured out a strategy to remove or work around those barriers, you may not have reached your goal. If you did not reach your goal because of barriers, you can try a different strategy to help remove those barriers.

Did you meet your goal during Project TEAM?

  • Did you do the activity like you wanted to?
  • Did you find the information you needed?
  • Did you try something new?
  • How did you know that your reached your goal?

Would you like to learn more?

Send us an email to yell@phhp.ufl.edu to request more information.

You will be sent the “Home: Check Game Plan Worksheet”.

I reached my goal, now what?

Congratulations on reaching your goal! We hope that using the Game Plan helped you to do that. The last and final step of the Project TEAM Game Plan is to think of your next goal. Here are some questions that can help you think of your next goal:

  • What activity would you like to do?
  • What activity would you like to do more of, or do more often?
  • What activity would you like to do more independently, or with less help?
  • What activity have you always been interested in?
  • What about a job, college, or job training?
  • What about a new place to visit in your neighborhood?

You can use everything you have learned in Project TEAM and the Game Plan again on your own to help you reach a new goal! You can obtain the Game Plan Worksheet to help you work on your next goal. Just send us an email to yell@phhp.ufl.edu

If you like what you have read here on the Project TEAM website, you can also learn about opportunities to get involved in research as a Project TEAM trainee.