First Base: Goal

Goal Introduction

First Base of the Game Plan is called First Base: Goal. Our goal in Project TEAM is the activity we want to begin doing or get better at doing. To figure out your goal, First Base: Goal asks the question, “What activity would I like to do?”

“What activity would I like to do?”

We are going to always ask that question when we start our game plan. Each base of the Game Plan has a hand motion to help us remember what it means. When we ask “What activity would I like to do?,” we make this motion which represents asking a question.

A motion which represents asking a question

Another way to remember that First Base of the Game Plan is Goal, is by remembering the symbol. This symbol for First Base: Goal is a bulls-eye. Every time we talk about our goals in this training, you will see the bulls-eye symbol.


Now it’s time to ask yourself the First Base: Goal question: What activity would I like to do? Your answer to this question will be your activity goal that you will work towards during the Project TEAM training. Setting a goal can help us stay on track and remember what we want to do. Hopefully, by the end of the training, you will reach your goal and be able to do this activity.

Some examples of goals that trainees have chosen are:

  • Go out to eat with a friend and without my parents
  • Become a volunteer at a child care center
  • Travel to a nearby city and attend a rock concert

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You will be sent the First Base: Goal Game Plan Worksheet. On the worksheet, you will be able to draw a picture, create a cartoon, or write a story about your activity goal in the box.

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