The Game Plan

In the Project TEAM training, trainees learn a “Game Plan” that they can use to help do activities they want and need to do. The Game Plan has four bases, just like a baseball field. The names of the bases are Goal, Plan, Do, and Check. These bases are each named for a step in the Game Plan.

Game Plan

The bases can help you to remember the steps of the Game Plan and get closer to doing an activity you want to do. Each base has a name, a symbol, a hand motion, and a question to ask. All of these things can help you remember the Game Plan in different ways!

To learn more about the steps of the Game Plan, click on its name or symbol below. Each page will teach you about one step of the Game Plan and show you how to fill out the Game Plan Worksheet based on your own activity goal.

Send us an email to to request the full “Game Plan Worksheet” now.

"Goal" is a bulls-eye. First Base: Goal

"Plan Step 1" is a thumb up and a thumb down. Second Base: Plan Step 1

"Plan Step 2" is a person thinking. Second Base: Plan Step 2

"Plan Step 3" is a group of people. Second Base: Plan Step 3

"Do" is to two people talking Third Base: Do

"Check" is a check mark. Home: Check