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Did you do your homework?

Yes, you read that right! After your interview, look for an email with directions on how to complete it. Finishing the homework allows us to generate both your VocFit and Job Matching Reports.

We appreciate you taking time out of your day to make this possible! As a reminder, In order to receive payment for participation, we need all parts of the homework completed. If you have already done your interview and need us to resend the information or would like additional support please email yell@phhp.ufl.edu or call 352-273-9365.

Thank you!

Learning Self – Determination

Self-determination predicts success in life, including employment.  If you want to learn more about what self-determination is, and why it’s important, check out this video created for the National Gateway to Self Determination.

A photo of a person in a wheelchair with another that could be a helper. There is a quote next to the image


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